Dog Sports Photography Services

I Provide Top Quality Photography Services for Dog Sports Events

Your exhibitors will appreciate the images that will remind them of that special time with their dog. 

The day I first put a Rally Title on my dog can never be repeated.  It only happens once.  I am so thankful for the photo that I have to keep that day fresh in my mind.

Your exhibitors feel the same way.

I charge nothing to clubs for the honor of working their events and, provide the clubs with electronic copy of the Best of Breed and/or High In Trial photos.

Since 2009 I have been photographing dog sports events in the Southern Arizona area - Herding Trials, K9 Freestyle Dance Trials, Scent Work Trials, Obedience and Rally Trials and Conformation Shows.  I am now offering VIDEO services for Scent Work Trials.

I take great care to never interfere with a dog's performance in the ring. My presence is rarely noticed by the dog and handler.

I participate in dog sports myself and understand the sports that I photograph, giving me a unique ability to capture the moments that count.

Contact me via phone or email to photograph your dog sports event!

Kevilee Watterson
[email protected]

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